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iSonto #57

This week brings some happy memories of our special school holiday outing with cousins to Zoo Doo. Above the oldest and youngest Tassie cousins both have striped beanies.

Nate's favourites were the bunnies and the lambs.

It was also great fun to race around the paddocks with the wallabies.

Bill held his own, kicking animals that came near his feet!

All the children did a great job on the crazy bus ride with camels and ostrich sticking their heads through to eat the food in the cups. No one got too scared!

That is just a sample of the exciting day which also held lions, merkats (my favourite), monkeys, and emus. We have been reading about ostrich in the lead up to our South Africa trip so this was a good opportunity to talk about and observe the differences between them and the Australian emu. Hopefully the lessons will be remembered!

Plus some more things to be thankful for:

The 3 playing happily in the cubby in the rain
Reading a chapter of "Fit to Burst" while eating fresh hummus
Plump cushions with clean covers
Grandma and William walking hand in hand
Feeling calm
Giant howden cauliflower
Bill feeding himself porridge
Cousins to enjoy a holiday outing with
Children delighted with farm animals
Having guests again
Spare sewing machine needles
Patched trousers!
Mercy's response to being told we would have guests on Sunday: "great, I love them, what are their names?"
Mercy and Nate playing outside together happily for more than an hour

Faith  – (July 24, 2014 at 9:33 PM)  

What fun memories you are building!!

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