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iSonto #56

This week we have a tea party for cars (and funny faces for the camera).

We have had heaps of fun with cousins in the holidays. Yesterday it was lovely to have them occupied for an hour making booklets about "God's Good News".

Cousin Jeriah helped Elnathan a lot.

Here are the thanksgiving points I popped into my ipod blog draft this week:

Bill's huge smile as we sing Ho Ho
Bill trying to say Jesus
Nate's glowing eyes when I tell him I am looking forward to seeing his creation
Fun bible sticker and activity sheets
Reading Acts to mercy and Nate
Cousin Esther happy sleepover
Nate and Bill exchanging smiles and horrays
Perfect pink down jacket
Strong enough to get out paints for children
Nate gaining new painting skills
Nate asking: "mummy do I smell like a daffodil?"
Mercy learning to recognize the written word God in a bible story
Nate loving his vehicle coloring book
Mercy drawing with much more detail including people, and explaining her pictures
Dave encouraging children to praise God
Cousins liked the craft I provided
Mercy and Nate delighted eyes when I was excited about them being good when out with dad.
Mercy telling me I look lovely in my passport photo!!

Faith  – (July 17, 2014 at 6:07 AM)  

wonderful!!! great photos!

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