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iSonto #47, for old times sake.

It is nearly a year since my last iSonto post!

We are thankful for the gift of a Thermomix, courtesy of anonymous donor A.D.Mirer . . . we have our guesses, but no admissions on the part of a key suspect. This machine is proving useful for soups, curries, porridge and more.

More on the thanks list includes Gramps visiting from South Africa, a warm day, spring leaves, a preschool curriculum we enjoy, and learning the power of 5 minute tidy ups every hour.

  Elnathan was counting with beads. I love having little things like this around the house!

Mercy was always happy to go on an outing. I think we have the cutest back seat these days!

Billy was continuing his career as a dream baby. 8 months yesterday and a delight to us all.

One memory verse was "you shall not lie" Exodus 20: 16. We are still repeating the last iSonto's memory verse about pleasant words a lot . . . and it is still one of our main challenges! Any tips would be appreciated :)!

From garden to tummies . . .

Silverbeet and spinach.

A book we enjoyed together was "The Baby on The Way", a sweet library book about an African American 10th child.

Encouragement, ideas and inspiration came from "Large Family Logistics" by Kim Brenneman, a wonderful book for families of any size, even smallish ones like us! I have found this book invaluable in getting our busy little household more under control.

One funny moment was Billy laughing at Nate pressing on his tummy.

Faith  – (October 21, 2013 at 8:06 AM)  

precious children you have!! something I used to tell my girls when they were not using "pleasant words" (i.e. whining (which thankfully was rare) or screaming instead of using their words (Which is something my youngest did alot) was that "mommy's ears don't hear you when you _____(scream, whine, shout). When you can use your words like a ____year old (3,4,5), I will sit with you and talk with you." and then I would ignore the whining until their tone changed. I didn't allow screaming in the home so my youngest spent many minutes on the kitchen step just inside the garage until she could calm down. worked!! Love the pic of all your children together!! ENJOY

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