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Daily Gifts #3

"Whatever things are lovely . . . think on these things" Philippians 4:9 

* Nate's prayer: "Thank you God that I love Billy, thank you that he is such a sweet little baby". The picture above is of Bill in Nate's "car" made from cushions with the baby gym as a windscreen.

* Nate creating "machines" out of puzzle shapes.

* Lifting my head to see baby looking at me intently with a huge sunbeam smile

* Baby's dummy (pacifier) prevents short naps.

* Dave exclaiming often about what a pure gift Bill is to us.

* Reading Randy Alcorn's Heaven and realising that God will fulfill our godly dreams in eternity, if not now.

Faith  – (August 13, 2013 at 3:44 AM)  

Precious!! I love that Nate is playing with those shapes....did you know that as a special education preK teacher I used those for pre-math activities...they are actually a pre-math toy....(visual perception). My own girls just loved creating things with those shapes when they weren't following the design on the pre-printed cards! Thanks for explaining what a "dummy" is! I read Heaven by Alcorn and LOVED it...I learned a lot and our pastor did an entire series one year on the topic of Heaven. Enjoy!!

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