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iSonto #17

Elnathan was thrilled to take a trip with Daddy to Queensland to see Uncle Woo and his family. Dave had an interview in QLD to see if he continue with his present projects down here, or if the end of his contract on November 30 will be the end of his employment with CSIRO. 

Natey's memory verse was "Oh give thanks to the Lord for He is good" from Ps. 118:1.

Mercy was a rapid and determined climber.

From garden to tummies . . .

Spinach quiche  was made with our own fresh spinach. I washed the spinach from three plants (which took at least 20 minutes), steamed it, and it added up to about 210 grams. I am sure this recipe would be super quick with bought spinach and pastry. It certainly takes a lot of spinach to make your own equivalent. I made our own pastry, partly wholemeal, courtesy of Tammy's recipes. I usually blind bake, but skipped it this time and it turned out beautifully none the less.We also revisited double peeled broad beans which were delicious along with our best ever fresh lettuce.

A book we enjoyed together was First Picture Word Book. "Please read words" was a frequent request.

Encouragement, ideas and inspiration came from I was wrong . . .  "a moving documentary of women affected by abortion".

We are thankful for the two new chooks we purchased a few weeks back. They Highlines and are great layers so far, and also have a generally gentle disposition. They let us pat and hold them! We did have one nasty incident where they pecked Mercy Joy, but it has not been repeated and we are careful to only let them out in the evening.  With a total of four chooks, we now have heaps of eggs.

  Isonto is a Zulu word for both week and Sunday, so Dave suggested it as the title of this little update I plan (God willing) to put out each Sunday.

Faith  – (November 14, 2011 at 10:55 AM)  

so wonderful that your baby girl is growing and climbing already! and marvelous that he is learning important to get the Word into their hearts and minds...yummy...spinach quiche..that's on my dinner menu plan for this upcoming week...but sadly, I have to purchase the fresh spinach from the store...but it's pretty good....I tend to buy it local over the summer months. enjoy the upcoming week!

Tallmoores  – (November 14, 2011 at 5:33 PM)  

Hi guys, thinking of you and hoping for positive outcomes for your work situation Dave!

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