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A call to die

The call to the counter-revolution is essentially a call to die. Nancy Leigh DeMoss reminds us that if we are to fulfill God's purposes in the world we must die "to ourselves, to our own plans, to our own desires".
"Our generation has an unprecedented opportunity and responsibility to invest our lives into God's kingdom. The question is, are we willing to go against the flow, to lay down our personal convenience and dreams and take up the cross of Christ."
This "call to the counter-revolution" explained in the ninth chapter of Voices of the True Woman Movement is the opposite of the feminist call to self-fulfillment. I have found that it is necessary to "die" even to our own ideas of how we want to serve God. There have been many times when I have wanted to do something good that God did not allow me to do. It is easy, at these times, to hold onto my own plans and resent the intrusion of the circumstances God has appointed!

One example is our desire to adopt children. Yes, even though we have one baby and one-on-the-way our desire is also to adopt orphaned or abandoned children! Yet for the next couple of years at least our location and life circumstances make this impossible. We continue to pray that we will have an opportunity to adopt, but given the great difficulties involved we know it will be an act of God. My desire has often been to plan out a way to do it, and there have been several times where laying these down has been both necessary and painful.

Another example is hospitality. I'd love to get to know everyone in our small church, and have each family or individual over for a meal. However, many people are simply too busy to come! I have had to die to my desire to tick off everyone in the church directory. I've faced the ugliness of my own heart as I've reacted badly when hospitality is just plain hard. God is in control. If many of the people in our church remain "strangers" in our knowledge of their hearts and lives, despite our best efforts, I need to accept that and be content with the opportunities we do have.

It has been surprising to me to discover that God expects us to "die" not only to sinful desires, but also to our own plans for serving Him. There are countless opportunities to serve God before each one of us - but they are sometimes not those we dream of and plan towards. I have found greater peace and freedom as I've sought to embrace the opportunities we do have to build God's kingdom, while praying and trusting God for other opportunities in future. What about you? Have you had to die to some of your plans for serving God?

Faith  – (September 2, 2010 at 9:46 PM)  

Oh Sherrin!! this was very good.....i was like you once with the hospitality thing. I kept wanting to have "everyone" over and it was just impossible. and that was before we were in the "mega-church" where we are now! The Lord had to teach me to just give Him those plans...and in doing so, it really freed me from alot of aggravation that I placed on my self!
And I had a DEEP desire...really thought it was the Lord speaking, to teach a women's small group.....doors always kept closing. I finally realized it was not God's timing for me....and now...FIVE years later, I am beginning to lead a women's small group for moms of tweens and teens based on a book by the Hearts at Home organization (Got Teens? by Pam Farrel and Amy Savage..I believe i have those names correct). At any rate....NOW is the time....and the Lord has even brought the women to me....there are 8 of us who will meet, discuss the book, prayer time, etc 2 evenings a month for this upcoming school year. I am SOOO Thankful I waited for HIS timing and in HIS plans. "The Lord will direct my steps...." bless you!!

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