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Aliens, UFOs and the Bible

Today I want to share an excellent DVD with you. Creation Ministries International's Gary Bates teaches all over the world about the Bible and science in relation to aliens. Is this an important topic? Gary presents the fact that many people believe in aliens and UFOs. Leading scientists even suggest that they may have brought life to earth.

I love this DVD for many reasons . . .

* I would be happy to share it with non-Christians. In fact, I'd like to see what they had to say about it!

* Gary has a great tenderness and love for those who are caught up in believing in alien life, and especially for those who have had encounters with what they believe to be aliens. He has personally spoken with many of these people and shared the gospel with them.

* The Bible's teaching about Christ's death and resurrection to save us from our sins, as well as about the earth's origins, is clearly presented.

* This topic is very interesting! I find some Creation Ministries DVDs hard to follow, as my science education only extends to Year 10 and I have never had a natural aptitude. On this topic, though, my interest is held.

 * Gary has clearly done heaps of research into beliefs about aliens and whether or not the claims are scientifically reasonable. He has written a book on the topic called Alien Intrusion. I have read this and found it to be excellent. His conclusions are given weight due to his deep knowledge of the subject.

Gary Bates concludes that the phenomenon people report about aliens and UFOs have supernatural, demonic characteristics. It was amazing to hear that researchers have found one group of people who never experience alien abductions: born again, Bible believing Christians! Many people report saying the name of Christ and being freed from their alien encounter. This reminded me of my own encounters with the dark side of the supernatural in the past, and the way Christ freed me from fear. Wow! We serve a powerful God and it is wonderful to be reminded that our salvation not only frees us from sin and death, but also from Satan's attacks and deceptions. We are truly blessed. I love being reminded of that!

You can purchase Aliens, UFOs and the Bible from, on sale for $13.

Anonymous –   – (May 20, 2010 at 9:40 AM)  

Hi Sherrin,
sounds like an interesting dvd. I recall seeing a documentary about "repressed memories", claiming that they are almost without exception false, but that the mind tricks itself so well, perhaps after trauma or such like, that you truly believe you had that experience. The show focused on people suddenly remembering being abused, and their "memories" of the events were remarkable detailed, and they passed lie detector tests and hypnosis etc. I wonder if some "alien abduction" experiences are actually these false repressed memories? The people concerned certainly believed it happened to them. Perhaps Satan has very clever ways and reasons to trick people into believing stuff like this.
I enjoy reading your blog thanks,

Sherrin  – (May 20, 2010 at 10:23 AM)  

Hello Jenny,

Yes, I think that is definitely a possibility with some people. I think that Satan finds anyway he can to take people's focus from what is true and good.

The interesting thing is that alien "spacecraft" have been seen by multiple people at once and photographed. Yet they have characteristics that are not realistic according to scientific principles. Gary's is that many of these experiences are "real" in the sense that they happen to people, but what is seen is not really from other planets.

Thanks for your comment!

Lisa  – (May 28, 2010 at 6:49 AM)  

Hi Sherrin!

Thanks for your post about heirloom seeds. :-) I had read it, but never know how it goes with little ones.

We just planted dwarf popcorn seeds today! Its gorgeous lately in MN!

I'm also deciding if I need to get our soil tested...we live within city limits. Have you ever done that?

Thanks again for the post!


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