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My wonderful man

I can't say how grateful I've been for my husband at this time of transition to parenthood. I knew I had a gem, but now I have an even deeper appreciation for him! I was amazed at the way he took on all the necessary household tasks, from cleaning bloodstained items after the homebirth to doing his most hated job (washing up) more than once a day! In first couple of weeks after Elnathan was born I was very weak, and Dave's help was invaluable. 

Here are some pictures of those first weeks with our little man.

Dave outside the doctor's surgery where we took Elnathan for his first ever doctor's visit, and his first ever drive in the car outside the womb!

Enjoying a cuddle with Daddy . . . Daddy's arms are one of the safest places to be!

Dave on his birthday, the week after Elnathan's birth, with his most important present!!

In the weeks following Elnathan's birth, I often thought of the phrase from Proverbs "Son of my womb, son of my vows". The reality of what my body had been through to give Elnathan life was still fresh . . . "Son of my womb". My gratitude to be in a loving marriage relationship at this time was also often on my mind . . . "Son of my vows". I love this photo of Dave's hand with his wedding band on, over our little son.

Elnathan loves to have his bath with Daddy. In fact, Daddy was the only one to do this job for the first two weeks.

Dave was also the first one to take Elnathan beyond the boundaries of our property! Here he is returning from posting a letter with our little man.

Thank you God for the blessings of marriage, of help, and of the perseverant love I've expressed in daily tasks being returned to me at the time I needed it most. 

God has cared for us.

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