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Right now we're at Singapore airport waiting for our flight to Cape Town. We spent one night in Singapore. A few highlights iof our trip so far . . .

* swimming in the beautiful pool at our hotel - Singapore is wonderfully warm!

* eating pizza at a beachfront restaurant

* Going to the beautiful Singapore zoo. We loved the white tigers. There was also a wonderful section devoted to tropical crops. It was fun to see soy beans and other plants we'd never seen before. There was also a wonderful moment where a butterfly landed on us! Wow! Sometimes I feel so blessed that I get a glimpse of God's undeserved favour to us, seen in the small moments of joy he brings.

A few insights/thoughts from the trip so far . . .

* The vast majority of people here live in high rise flats. You have to be very rich to own any land. Dave and I have been reminded of just how blessed we are on a world scale to have room to grow food. Our home is spacious, on a block of land, and looks out on a lovely view - not on row upon row of other blocks of flats.

* I've seen a few elderly people here working in jobs like picking up litter from the ground. We also spoke to two men who work 14 hour plus days. Again, this has reminded us of how blessed we are, and how little we have to complain about.

* Judging by the number of churches we've seen, there appear to be many Christians in Singapore.

We're flying out at 1:30am, and hope we'll sleep on our flight!

Homemanager  – (August 16, 2008 at 8:42 AM)  

Thanks so much, Sherrin for sharing your thoughts from your visit. I am glad to be reminded of the abundance that we have been given and the responsibility to be good stewards of it.

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