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iSonto #49

This week we are thankful for the fun morning we spent creating little pictures for our doll house, "framing" them with paper and laminating them.

It was one of those rare times where an activity with my children actually happened in the pleasant way I imagined it!

Elnathan was always eager to watch Daddy go in the morning.

 Mercy was happy to dress up Bill as, apparently, a "stripy elephant".

Bill was moving further! It was so cute when he crawled out the door.

One memory verse we practiced was "Be kind to one another" Ephesians 4:32.

From garden to tummies . . . the first broad beans in a risotto.

A book we enjoyed together was "Things People Do", part of our Sonlight P 4/5 Curriculum. You know that you're onto a good thing when the children keep bringing the book to the dinner table to show Daddy what they learned!

Encouragement, ideas and inspiration came from the Girltalk blog. A post about the kind of young women the church needs was perfect tonight as I've been thinking over the need to embrace rather than resent the massive learning curve that is raising little children. There are so many great posts on this blog I've been perusing the archives in the few spare moments over the past two weeks.

One funny moment was seeing the children with their massive pieces of cake at a friend's party! Three layers for three years of life. Each child started pleading for a different bit of the bird decoration . . . please may I eat the tail, the feet, the beak, etc. It was the most perfect afternoon garden party.

Faith  – (November 18, 2013 at 12:50 AM)  

How wonderful....i love that you are making such nice memories with your little ones..and teaching Scripture early! I often have gone to girltalk my all their info! WOW one layer for each year of life!! wonder if that mom is gonna keep up the tradition? can you imagine age 16?? :) enjoy your is the Sabbath here and I need to get ready for church!!

Deb  – (November 19, 2013 at 2:41 AM)  

Hi Sherrin! Oh my, your children are growing up so fast! Little Bill will soon be up and walking and memorizing verses with the others! I love reading that the children ran to show their work to Daddy. The Lord is blessing your little family!

Unknown  – (March 9, 2014 at 2:55 AM)  

Kids plays in gardens looks pretty.

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