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Elnathan is Four!

Our firstborn turned four in May. You can tell we are busy because I am only posting about the event in July! Elnathan Michael Drew at four is . . .
  • Full of stories about cars and his "imagination house" and "imagination children". 
  • Drawing cars and houses at every opportunity
  • Loving his "preschool stories" from Sonlight
  • Eager to try out crafts and puzzles
  • Becoming helpful in the kitchen!
  • Able to pray with us each day, and great at singing his Songs for Saplings ABC Bible verses
  • Showing Mercy all kinds of pretend play options which she quickly adopts
  • Bursting with health and energy
  • A great sleeper who often stays in bed until 7 or 8am
  • Much better in church
  • Making impressive block constructions
  • Learning to serve and to love inviting people home
  • Warming our hearts with statements like "You look lovely today" and "I love the quilt you made".
  • An adoring older brother who loves to give Bill things "Look Mum, he is happy I gave him a book", grins from ear to ear in response to Bill's smile, and dances in circles for him. Here is a picture of "our baby" who smiles like this in response to almost any attention! All we have to do is talk to him and this is what greets us.

The last two and a half years since Mercy was born have been incredibly busy, and the learning curve has been steep. The past year was particularly challenging. Yet there is an abundance of joy. I exchange computer time for snuggles on the couch, my craft projects for eager tiny hands learning to coordinate paper and scissors, and a quiet house for cries of "Mummy". As we try to tell Elnathan often, you are a gift from God and He is good! 

Faith  – (July 3, 2013 at 11:10 PM)  

Oh how precious is your new baby boy!! Congratulations!! And Mercy and Elnathan are so grown up now!! A happy belated birthday to your big 4 yr old..that is one of my favorite ages in children :)

It sounds like he is growing physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally...good job, Mom!!

I have missed reading your posts!!

A busy season for you for sure :) but all for the glory of God!!

Oh how I miss my teen girls being little :) but I do love this stage as well....take care and God bless.

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