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iSonto #41

This week we are thankful for .. . .

* Our new trampoline, put up as part of our "family celebration" in August, celebrating our marriage. It is a 12 foot, big enough to accommodate our little ones and their cousins (bouncing gently)!  

* Boxes that turned into buses.

* A totally delightful day trip we took to Mt Field National Park, complete with a rainbow reaching over the road on our way back! Dave is always excellent at pointing out items of interest in the natural world. This is a lesson about a spider's web.

* Here are the children taking in the wonder of the water fall. We are thankful for the way their enthusiasm adds extra joy to such outings.

Elnathan was thrilled with the various logs and trunks that could be "houses".

He had fun throwing sticks and leaves into the river and watching them float or sink.

Here he is running over the bridge.

Natey's memory verse was  Psalm 23 which we have returned to as he does not remember all of it from last year.

 Mercy was happy to walk with Daddy, although very distracted! Moss is so interesting, you see!

From garden to tummies . . . silverbeet put in a very simple tomato sauce (canned tomatoes, half an onion, curry powder) and put over chicken breasts and roasted.

A book we enjoyed together was "A Drive in the Country" by Michael J. Rosen.

Encouragement, ideas and inspiration came from the beauty of Scripture and catechism put to song through Dana Dirksen's "Songs for Saplings" music. We highly recommend their CDs, and especially love the ABCs. Adults and children can enjoy them together. When the children fussed in the car we often found that one of these songs helped.

One funny moment was Nate's continued statements about going to the "moral high ground". Since hearing this expression in one of our conversations Nate has taken it to heart and is convinced it is a place. Maybe he will need a ladder to get there?

Faith  – (August 6, 2012 at 5:55 AM)  

oh how fun to visit a national park and delight in the curiosity of your children! I've always loved our own family outings like that. Looks like you had a great week...that trampoline is a blessing!

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