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iSonto #29

This week we are thankful for . . .

* Two tiny people eager to help with the vacuuming.


* Picking a flower with Nate helped him not to be upset after a fall. These events are precious little reminders of God's care for us as expressed in the beauty around us, and how this helps us get through the troubles in our daily lives.

* Dave's presentation of his work in QLD went well.

* Frozen meals to help with the workload while he was away.

* Beautiful tomatoes to make into sauce.

Elnathan was happy with the gift his Daddy brought him from QLD, and has hardly parted with it since he received it. It is a van with a surf board on top.

 Natey's memory verse was Luke 6:31, "And just as you would have men do to you, you also do to them likewise".

Mercy was happy to have Daddy back again. She is saying Daddy now and often looked for him while he was away. Mercy has also begun to say 'Hi, Hi, Hi" and "Amen".


From garden to tummies . . .  

We are still enjoying the apples we harvested last month. It brings joy to be able to feed the children our own apples.

Encouragement, ideas and inspiration came from What the Duggars Can Teach You About Going With the Flow, as patience and flexibility are sorely needed around here! It was also helpful to read tips for keeping children in worship and reasons why this is beneficial.

 One funny moment was when I asked Nate what type of pet he had (in the context of a book we were reading). He replied "Mercy".
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