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iSonto #26

This week we are thankful for . . .

* Dave's brother visiting from QLD with his daughter.

* Cousins Elnathan and Meggan being very kind to each other and playing together well.

* A swing for the little ones.

* Mercy and Elnathan laughing and laughing together on a chair

* Mercy walking all the way to the community center happily in the little walking shoes Nate used to wear!

* Our first corn

Elnathan was beginning to make up his own prayers, interrupting Daddy's prayers with "and thank you God for the cars, and for the trucks".

Natey's memory verse was 'Salvation is of the Lord" Jonah 2:9.

Mercy was very excited about her cousin visiting, and rushed to play with the two older children. Meggie loved Mercy's doll. Mercy loves the beach and delighted in the sand and water when we took them all to play there.

From garden to tummies . . .

Here is our future Saturday night dinner, to go with roast chicken.

Encouragement, ideas and inspiration came from "Homemaking" by J. R. Miller which is providing fresh insights into the importance of the way we treat each other in marriage.

One funny moment was Mercy laughing and trying to say "sit down" while she sat and stood from a stool over and over again. She found it funny, anyway, and it is a delight to laugh with them!
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Faith  – (February 20, 2012 at 7:43 AM)  

Mmm...fresh corn...we have a long ways for that but spring is definitely in the air here! we have had a VERY mild winter here in New York State. I love the laughter of young children!! very refreshing! and how special that they got to play with their cousin....extended family is a blessing!

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