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iSonto #8

We created a car from a box.

Elnathan was very excited to go on a walk to the community centre, and I was as well after a week of rain.We had a lovely walk and I considered it a privilege to have a little companion who informed me of things like "I can hear the sound of a bird Mummy"!! God is so good to give us a world where creatures sing.

Natey's memory verses have hit a snag with confusion between two with the word "world" in them . . . we have been learning songs though and talking about "In the beginning God created the world" while chalking!

Mercy impressed us with perfecting her skills at saying "da da da" and "car". She has also begun to shuffle when lying down and on her bottom. There is a tiny bit of moving from place to place happening.

From garden to tummies . . .

Our very own lemon to add to Moroccan Lentil Soup.

A book we enjoyed together was "Spot's Baby Sister" at playgroup at the community center.

We are thankful for a warm home, being part of a church, the fruit we are beginning to see in the lives of our children, the encouragement of God's word, and the opportunity to celebrate our anniversary this coming week. We have had four blessed years!!

  Isonto is a Zulu word for both week and Sunday, so Dave suggested it as the title of this little update I plan (God willing) to put out each Sunday.

Faith  – (August 15, 2011 at 11:58 AM)  

Happy Anniversary, Sherrin to you and your husband...the children look beautiful and you are doing some memorable things with them...enjoy! i bring my oldest to college (Gordon, a Christian one near Boston MA about 4 hours from us) for the first time on Thursday...she is all set but it's a bittersweet time for this mom...and dad...:)

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