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iSonto #4

Mt Wellington, as this view from our home shows, has been covered with snow. We even had some snow flakes falling here this morning.

Elnathan made us laugh a lot. He has a sense of humour and a dimple when he laughs, saying "Natey funny" or "I'm funny". One funny comment this week was "I want to go to school on a bus with a bag full of food". One day we are going to have to break it to him that he is going to go to school at home!!

Natey's memory verse was "Even a child is known by his deeds" Proverbs 20:11. 

Mercy was so sweet as she sat up much better on her own, although still well protected against falls. Mercy can now roll from back to front. She also seems to say "Da Da Da" about her Daddy.

Mercy likes to play games with balls, letting them go and and loving it when they are returned for her to let them go again.

Here she is in a grown-up looking coat an aunt gave, on the quilt top I finished piecing together for her this week.

From garden to tummies . . .

Silverbeet leaves were yummy when steamed to eat with fried eggs, mixed in with scrambled eggs, and included in a beetroot risotto.

A book we enjoyed together was Fred the Firefighter.We have been making use of the local library and this was one of our finds.

Encouragement, ideas and inspiration came from the Barnabas Fund's housing projects. It is so exciting to think that we may be able to provide a home for a Christian family for as little as $1,000.

We are thankful for. . .

* A delightful date to the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra

* Memories of the love and friendship that surrounded us on our wedding day, as we sorted through cards for recycling. Dave's Melbourne church, work at Monash, friends from South Africa and America, family, Crossroads church, and more!

* The children's conjunctivitis has cleared up!

* The ministry of Creation Ministries International, and the visit of some excellent speakers. We are encouraged and challenged.

Isonto is a Zulu word for both week and Sunday, so Dave suggested it as the title of this little update I plan (God willing) to put out each Sunday.

Faith  – (July 11, 2011 at 12:04 AM)  

Your babies are beautiful.....we are in the midst of summer and you are in interesting to read your update and see how well your family is doing....and your garden delights sound so yummy!!

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