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Beyond Greed

Yesterday afternoon I developed an ear ache as well, and spent some more time in bed! Thus I have more reading to report!

Beyond Greed is another book that provides a challenge to love God, not money. I have not yet finished the book, but have read Rosner's explanation of the way greed can be idolatrous. He explains the church's historic attitude to greed, and the way this understanding has weakened in our time.

Rosner also makes many cogent critiques of Western society. I found this quote particularly relevant just now . . .

The meaning of a person's life is found in full participation in the economy, as both a producer and a consumer. The purpose of life involves the full development of the individual's economic potential and the pursuit of material progress for the good of all.

I sometimes struggle with guilt or worry about the fact that I'm not "earning any money" and I can't really explain what I "do all day". Even though I work hard all day, every day except Sunday, I feel guilty because my work earns nothing. I have to continually refresh my mind about what God says. Loving Him and loving others are life's goals, not the endless pursuit of material things through paid employment.

You can read more about the book at Matthias Media.

Oh, and praise God that my ear ache has cleared up :)!

Deb  – (March 11, 2008 at 12:58 PM)  

Sherrin, I didn't get to leave a comment on your previous post saying I hoped you'd feel better soon. And now you're sick still (altho I see the ear ache has cleared). I, too, wish it was for a good reason! :) But it's great that you're getting a lot of reading done. Get well soon.

Susan  – (March 12, 2008 at 3:14 AM)  

Sorry you're not feeling well :-(. I'm praying for your swift recovery!

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