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Preparing for the future

One of my goals for this blog is to offer insights and advice from those with experience in educating at home. I plan to "interview" people and post their responses here for the benefit of others.  Mel Gaebler has kindly agreed to answer my questions. Mel is wife to Ben and Mum to Ainsley, Brodie, Bethany, Jasmine, and Jake. Mel is pictured here with Ainsley (8) and Jake (5 months). Mel's responses to my questions will be posted in three parts, so if you enjoy this please come back for more! 

I have one baby. You've been there, done that, and now you have five! What advice would you give to young Mums like me about how to prepare for future years? 

The best preparation that I can suggest for any mother young or old is the importance of  having daily quiet time set aside with your bible (and any relevant tools) and in earnest prayer for yourself, your husband, children & others before the LORD. This is the one area in mothering that seems to be let go off as children come into a family. The day can be so busy and the idea creeps in that there is not enough time to do this.  When I give my time to the LORD it is not a waste.  I always get everything I need to get done in the day, because I have my time set in the right priority.  

Having the right priorities in the day as to how your time is spent, is  important in preparing for the future, by sowing into the right areas now you will reap the fruit of that later.  I have always found that by having a routine/schedule it keeps me accountable to the way my time is spent and helps bring order and peace to our home.  An excellent site for many practical tools is  

The bible also speaks in Titus 2 about the older women teaching the younger women. I have gleaned vital things in the years through this principle.  Keeping an open heart and mind that we all still need to be growing and learning from those who have gone before us.  The women that have gone before us can “call back” to us with the wisdom they have acquired in their homemaking, mothering  and roles as godly women and wives.

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